Our neighbourhood

West Euston lies to the north of Euston Road, situated between Regent’s Park and Euston Station, with 2,300 units of local authority housing as well as 550 properties of Peabody Trust, Drummond Street, with its well known Asian restaurants and the now complete Regent’s Place business district which includes numerous corporate headquarters and the place of work for more than 5,000 people.

Its strengths lie in the vibrancy, resilience, and cultural diversity of its communities. The area has a diverse population.  With almost 60% of residents of a minority ethnic background, some 22% of West Euston’s population is of Bangladeshi or other Asian origin.

Despite improvements over the past decade, West Euston still has higher levels of worklessness, income deprivation, child poverty and health deprivation as well as issues of crime and disorder.  Recent government statistics on deprivation show that one of the sub-areas within West Euston falls within the 10% most deprived in England, with four within the 20% most deprived.

There are higher percentages of young people, compared to the Camden average and a high percentage of children live in households where there is no adult in employment.  As well as higher unemployment, there is a lot of part time working and carers.  Life expectancy in Regent’s Park Ward is significantly less than in Hampstead and higher numbers of people die of coronary heart disease or have long term illnesses.

The West Euston Partnership  (WEP) Main Office, the “One Stop Shop”, is part of the Regent’s Place development a 13 acre, mixed-use office estate in the West End of London, which was progressively developed by British Land over the last 25 years. The estate has doubled in size to around 2 million sq ft, providing accommodation for up to 14,000 workers and residents. This includes office buildings, residential accommodation, restaurants, shops, community facilities and public spaces.

The One Stop Shop was previously located where the development was taking place.  The Partnership was keen to maintain its premises facing onto Hampstead Road and as part of a planning agreement (Section 106) British Land created a new purpose-built centre where the One Stop Shop will be moving to from its temporary accommodation in the first quarter of 2014.  Information about Regents Place is available on British Land’s website  www.regentsplace.com.