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The WellFair Project which ran from 2014 – 2016 achieved some significant improvements to people’s health and wellbeing.

Out of the nine agreed targets, five were exceeded.  The most outstanding of these were two targets in particular that were more than achieved:

390 out of a target of 140 – (278%)    Improved levels of well-being

309 out of a target of 160 – (193%)    Increased sense of community or empowerment

Our external evaluator commented that “…The WellFair project has had a positive impact on people’s perceived and experienced sense of community and involvement in activities and networks that in some way contribute to their general wellbeing…”

He identified the main strengths of the project as:

  • Bringing together those with shared needs or health issues
  • Volunteering
  • Partnership diversity (eg Greenlight Pharmacy, Fitzrovia Youth in Action, Bengali Workers’ Association, Third Age Project & Netley Primary School all working together
  • Tackling negative health issues by promoting positive lifestyles for mind & body

Some quotes from Service Users and volunteers:

WellFair offered activities ‘I would not do on my own’, opportunities to ‘learn from others, discuss problems as a group’  ‘to volunteer, feel part of a family’, to contribute ‘as long as I can walk and talk’.